PRESS RELEASE   Birmingham NHS Trust sends in bailiffs against whistleblowing midwife

Birmingham NHS Trust sends in bailiffs against whistleblowing midwife
For immediate release Wednesday July 24th 2013
Birmingham midwife and NHS whistleblower Elsie Gayle expects Bailiffs acting on behalf of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust to break down the doors of her home after she ran out of money to challenge her victimisation for raising concerns about patient safety.
NHS whistleblowers organisation Patients First has written this week to new Trust Chief Executive Toby Mills asking that he urgently intervene to prevent this action and to sit down with Elsie Gayle to discuss a constructive way forward which would include scrutiny of her original complaint.
Following the Francis Inquiry into Mid Staffordshire, Trusts are being urged to protect whistleblowers and be open and transparent. Elsie Gayle has written four times to NHS England Chief Executive David Nicholson but he has refused to intervene so far. Despite that, Elsie Gayle is hoping that a last minute intervention by the new Trust Chief executive will prevent this act of vandalism.
Elsie Gayle said today
“Today after years of challenging the bullying and intimidation of my former employers they are actively seeking to have bailiffs break down the door of my family home. 
“Returning to work at City Hospital in 2002, after 6 years abroad I was shocked and disgusted at the quality and standards of care given to mothers and babies.
“I was severely bullied to the point of suicide, for no reason; and became very concerned at the culture which seemed to permeate the whole of the Trust, right up to the Board. I observed good midwives and doctors who spoke up being driven out of employment and the profession.
“I blew the whistle on this awful situation and lost my job. My claims were suppressed and never properly investigated; and I was treated as the problem.
“They offered me 3 lots of money to settle my case, which would include the usual confidentiality clause attached. My professional code as a midwife does not allow me to do this, so I declined.
“However I gave the Trust the option of giving me a chance to develop a quality service. In return I was dismissed from my job, despite a remarkable and unblemished career.
“I complained to the Employment Tribunal Courts, and revealed some underhand tactics used to get rid of me. But I found myself up against a powerful Trust who were prepared to spend as much public money as it took to ensure that I ran out of money. 
“They continue to pursue me for costs, although I have written to the new Chief Executive asking him to intervene, but have not yet had a reply.”
Patients First, the NHS whistleblowers campaign added:
“We are appalled at the continuing victimisation of an outstanding midwife. We have written to the new Trust chief executive earlier this week asking that he intervene and call of the bailiffs and sit down and listen to Elsie’s important story”
For further information
Elsie Gayle may be contacted at  and 07794318557 for more details.
A copy of the letter to Toby Lewis, new Trust chief executive, is attached
Copies of the letters written to David Nicholson by Elsie Gayle are available on request from Elsie Gayle by email
Our purpose 
Patients First’s purpose is to reduce death and harm in the NHS by campaigning for the UK Government to create policies and laws that ensure the NHS becomes open and accountable and we will actively support all those who raise concerns about patient safety


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